Nox.x 2016

Every year in the second weekend of July, Ename becomes the place to be for performing arts (see the video and photos of the 2015 edition), called Museum Night or Nox.x.  For the edition of 2016, the idea emerged to show our latest work on virtual reconstruction and natural interaction with serious games: Eename 1665.  This idea was accepted unanimously by the Nox.x team and planned as the key activity in the museum.  The local television AVS also liked the idea and promoted the event by covering the preparation in their programma “Achter the Schermen“.  Have a look at the beautiful video which also shows how anchor woman Celia Bogaert tries out the prototype of the Eename 1665 game.


Celia Bogaert of AVS investigates an object of the Swan Inn of Eename  in 1665 (phto: Daniel Pletinckx)

So, if you’re around, get your agenda and reserve July 9, 2016, 20:00-00:00 to visit Nox.x and try out Eename 1665, our newest 3D serious game!  Have a look in the Ename 1665 game page for more images or try out our latest Sketchfab resource showing the Swan Inn with links to images and paintings in the online Rijksmuseum collection!  This Sketchfab resource is also featured on a Europeana Labs page.


Heritage in Motion 2016 Award

Visual Dimension is nearly working 20 years now on the virtual reconstruction of Ename and on bringing this 3D content to the general public through a range of innovative techniques and systems (like TimeGate and TimeLine).  In this way, it was an honour that our first educational game Ename 1290 was awarded for the prestigious Heritage in Motion Award in the category “Games and Interactive Experiences”.

Daniel Pletinckx presents Ename1290 at HiM

Daniel Pletinckx presenting the Ename 1290 project at the Heritage in Motion Award Ceremony in Lesbos, Greece (photo: HiM)

Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition on themes related to Europe’s cultural and natural heritage for the creators and users of films, games, apps and websites. It celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, engaging the public with Europe’s outstanding heritage in all its forms.  This competition is founded by Europa Nostra, the European Museum Academy and supported by Europeana.

HiM participants on stage

All people representing the winning and nominated projects of HiM 2016 on stage in Lesbos (photo: HiM)

At the Award Event, on May 20, 2016 in the Museum of the Industrial Olive-Oil Production at Lesbos, Greece, the Ename 1290 project was evaluated as:

An interesting and user-friendly interpretation of an archaeological site, encouraging individual exploration and linking space and objects in a very engaging way.


Onno Ephraim, director of Heritage in Motion congratulates Daniel Pletinckx, director of Visual Dimension (photo: HiM)

The nomination for this HiM Award stimulates us to continue producing effective and exciting ways to experience cultural heritage and the past. Have a look at Ename 1665, which will become the groundbreaking combination between a book and a game! More news on this soon!  Experience also at the panoramic videos of both Ename  1290 and Ename 1665, if possible with VR glasses!


HiM document

The Heritage in Motion 2016 diploma