The Ename market cross

In the Middle Ages, a market cross symbolised the right of a location or community to hold a yearly trade fair. This right was granted by the king or emperor and was a source of income, as a tax – comparable … Continue reading

Virtual Life in Ename

In the first version of the Ename educational game – called Ename 1290 –  virtual animals where already present everywhere in the game, having some AI (artificial intelligence). One of the major improvements of the Eham 1291 game is the … Continue reading

Interactive access to digital archives

In the last 5 years, many outstanding medieval manuscripts have been made accessible in a digital way, for example at national libraries such as Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) or British Library.  Also the Royal Library of Belgium has digitised … Continue reading

Eham 1291 game

Eham 1291 is an improved version of the Ename 1290 game that not only contains a lot more archaeological objects and unpreserved heritage (that we integrate based upon scientific study of manuscripts) but has a much stronger storyline and improved navigation … Continue reading

Ename 1290 game

Here are some images of our work in progress on the real time visualisation of the abbey and village of Ename. This real time visualisation is used in a virtual walk-through for the Ename visitor centre and serious game for … Continue reading

Ename 1065

Between 965 and 1033, Ename develops from a small rural settlement over a trade settlement along the river Scheldt to a strongly defended “town-in-the-making”.  In 1033, this development is halted by the capture and destruction of the keep by the … Continue reading