The Ename market cross

In the Middle Ages, a market cross symbolised the right of a location or community to hold a yearly trade fair. This right was granted by the king or emperor and was a source of income, as a tax – comparable … Continue reading

Interactive access to digital archives

In the last 5 years, many outstanding medieval manuscripts have been made accessible in a digital way, for example at national libraries such as Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) or British Library.  Also the Royal Library of Belgium has digitised … Continue reading

Eham 1291 game

Eham 1291 is an improved version of the Ename 1290 game that not only contains a lot more archaeological objects and unpreserved heritage (that we integrate based upon scientific study of manuscripts) but has a much stronger storyline and improved navigation … Continue reading

Ename 1065

Between 965 and 1033, Ename develops from a small rural settlement over a trade settlement along the river Scheldt to a strongly defended “town-in-the-making”.  In 1033, this development is halted by the capture and destruction of the keep by the … Continue reading