Eham 1291 game

Eham 1291 is an improved version of the Ename 1290 game that not only contains a lot more archaeological objects and unpreserved heritage (that we integrate based upon scientific study of manuscripts) but has a much stronger storyline and improved navigation through natural interaction. Below some images of our work in progress.

Eham1291 overview

Overview of Ename in 1291

market cross

Wooden market cross

Ename commons

Ename commons

Abbey entrance

Abbey entrance



Eham1291 parchment Martijn

Martijn van Torhout writes a folio of his book

parchment Martijn interactive

Reading the parchment of Martijn van Torhout

Veil Rentier updating

Veil Rentier ready for updating

Veil Rentier interactive

Browsing through the Veil Rentier

Veil Rentier reading

Reading parts of the Veil Rentier