Ename Timeline

Ename Timeline room (image: Visual Dimension)

The TimeLine application in the Ename museum provided not only a four-dimensional (3D + time) visualisation of the Ename abbey (from 1065 to 1730) but integrated also the objects that are presented in the TimeLine room of the Ename museum.


Screenshot of the TimeLine application (image: Visual Dimension)

Early 2019, an update was made that incorporated not only the 1015 trade settlement phase but also the current situation through drone images.  In this way, the transition from trade settlement to abbey can be visualised, together with the correspondence between the walls at the archaeological park and the virtual reconstruction of the site.

Timeline Ename 1015

The new Timeline shows Ename as trade settlement in 1015 with links to the objects of that period (image: Visual Dimension)

All objects of the 1015 period, which are on display in the TimeLine room of the museum, are linked to this application. Some interpretations of objects were updated.

new interpretation of a bronze object

The new interpretation of a bronze object excavated at the Ename trade settlement site (image: Visual Dimension)

The onsite TimeFrame system has adopted also a TimeLine approach, enriched with stories based on historical characters and 4D panoramas in real TimeMachine style.

Interactive 4D panorama

Interactive 4D panorama on the archaeological site (image: Visual Dimension)

The Ename Heritage Centre (visitor centre on the archaeological site) has also an indoor system that focuses on the former gardens of the abbey.

View on the abbey gardens in 1730

View on the abbey gardens in 1730 in the Garden TimeFrame (image: Visual Dimension)