Virtual reconstruction of Ename

This blog shows the process of the virtual reconstruction of the abbey of Ename, based upon many years of excavations, historical research and study of historical landscapes.  It shows the sources, the  assessment of the sources and the conclusions made.  For example, the reconstruction below of the early Ename abbey (around 1065) is based upon excavation results, one drawing of the abbey in le Veil Rentier (see page 20 in the online document), historical documents about the founding of the abbey and iconography about building cranes and medieval chariots (see pages 21, 175, 201 and 273 in the digital Veil Rentier).


Virtual reconstruction of the early Ename abbey in 1065 (image: Visual Dimension bvba)


Excavation plan of the early Ename abbey (in red) by Koen Degroote (AOE)


The founding document of the Ename abbey


An 11th century building crane, iconography and virtual reconstruction

viel rentier

A horse and chariot in the Veil Rentier (around 1275)


Transporting the stones by horse and chariot during the construction of the Ename abbey

The reconstruction we have made not only reconstructs the abbey but also the Saint Laurentius church and the surrounding village. The total reconstructed areas is 2 by 2 km wide and contains the landscape reconstruction based upon the research of Guido Tack, curator of Bos t’Ename and his team.


Saint Laurentius church of Ename in 1065